Revolutionizing the Decentralized Social Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving realm of decentralized applications, emerges as a remarkable entrant. Unlike other platforms that focus primarily on entertainment, underscores the significance of information sharing. Aimed to seamlessly merge the domains of finance and socialization, this social Decentralized Application (dApp) on the Base network is garnering substantial attention.

The Essence of is more than just a typical social platform. As the first-of-its-kind viral social dApp on the Base network, this initiative seamlessly fuses the worlds of finance and decentralized social communication. Users are empowered to:

  • Establish connections with valued acquaintances.
  • Facilitate content discovery and sharing within their community.
  • Manage and participate in exclusive chat rooms with superior security, underpinned by MPC key tech.

Distinct Features that Set It Apart

1. Focus on Information Sharing:

Unlike competitors like Lens Protocol or Bluesky Social, which prioritize entertainment, centers on information dissemination. The platform recommends @friendtech_bot to be apprised of the latest creators joining the platform.

2. Noteworthy Content Contributors:

Quality content remains paramount. Pioneers in the French market, such as @Cryptchamo, @DynamoxEth, and @PetitPrinceETH, set themselves apart, curating content that is both informative and engaging.

3. Reward System:

In a unique approach to engage its community, allocates points every Friday based on the number of users one brings to the platform. Speculation is rife that this might be linked to a potential Airdrop.

4. Profile Trading:

One of the major draws of is profile trading. Users can create shares tied to their profiles, which can then be traded on the platform’s marketplace. Owning a share translates to becoming a stakeholder in another user’s profile, granting access to exclusive content and private chats. Moreover, influencers can amass 5% fees on each share exchanged, further fueling the platform’s allure.

5. Remarkable Growth Metrics:

Since its beta release, has witnessed explosive growth, with a recorded 65,000 unique share traders generating a whopping $26 million in volume. With staggering fees of $1.42 million generated in the past 24 hours alone, it secures a coveted third position behind behemoths like Ethereum and Lido.

6. Influencer Engagement:

The cost of influencer shares has surged, with profiles like Faze Banks trading around 2.5 ETH, and Cobie’s shares approximately at 2.4 ETH. Some, like Ethereum evangelist David Hoffman, have devised innovative methods to expand their community and reward shareholders.

Cautionary Notes and Skepticism

While the platform showcases immense potential, it’s not without its skeptics. Some have raised concerns about its seemingly Ponzi-like nature, urging users to tread carefully. Recent mishaps in the decentralized sphere, like the unfortunate loss of $1.7 million due to a bug in Shiba’s L2, highlight the need for vigilance.

Endorsement and Future Prospects’s accolades aren’t just confined to its user base. The Base Network has vociferously endorsed it, reflecting its anticipated influential stature in the decentralized social ecosystem. In their words, “Designed to give you the power of your network in your hands, we’re excited about the potential of onchain social like @friendtech.”


In the vast realm of decentralized platforms, stands out with its innovative approach to social networking. Marrying the worlds of finance and decentralized social engagement, the platform promises a revolutionary shift in how we perceive social media. With robust features and remarkable growth metrics, it’s undeniably a platform to watch. However, like all investments, caution is key. For those keen on diving into the world of decentralized social media, beckons with open arms.

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